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Western Digital WD7500KMVW-11ZSMS4 2060-771761-001 REV P1 (3659) PCB for Sale

Western Digital WD7500KMVW-11ZSMS4 2060-771761-001 REV P1 (3659) PCB for Sale

Western Digital WD7500KMVW-11ZSMS4 2060-771761-001 REV P1 PCB for Sale - Payam Data Recovery, Australia

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Model Number WD7500KMVW-11ZSMS4
PCB 2060-771761-001 REV P1
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What you see is what you get: If you purchase this item, you will receive a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) only, no hard drive is included. The PCB you see here is the exact one you will receive.

Compatibility: It is your own responsibility to select a compatible and suitable PCB. A ROM chip transplant is usually required, please do your own research regarding compatibility and how to perform a ROM chip transplant.

If you are not sure about what to do or how to do it, ship your entire hard drive to us with the original PCB for a free quote for data recovery. We will recover your data for you using our professional data recovery service. The prices range from $800 to $1750 Australian Dollars for most hardware faults, we offer a free assessment and quote. Submit a new job via this link – international customers are welcome.

All PCBs are used, they have been removed of working hard disk drives. Tested as 100% working condition. Some PCBs we sell may have been used, and the ROM chip or other components previously removed and then put back. Everything has been tested and confirmed to be working before being shipped to you.

Why buy a PCB? These PCBs we are selling are intended for data recovery purposes, to replace a damaged identical PCB. You must have the correct equipment and training to perform a professional PCB Swap. We do not provide any training or advice on compatibility.

From our experience, swapping a PCB on a hard drive is only useful if your hard drive has suffered a power surge, power spike, has a broken connector, has any burnt chips/components and/or is not spinning/making any normal sounds (100% silent). There may also be pre-amp or head damage, or other problems after you fix the PCB issue in some cases.

Refund policy: No refunds for any reason including change of mind or selecting an incompatible PCB.